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ul. 2. května 309
742 13
Czech Republic

IČO: 47155655
DIČ: CZ47155655

+420 556 400 885

49° 42'50.409" N 
18°   4'20.489" E

Metal business:

Pustějov 25 
742 43 Pustějov 
Czech Republic

+420 556 400 885

49° 42'0.877" N 
18°   0'9.039" E


Society EGAS s.r.o was established in Studénka in the year 1992 with Czech capital. Since then it is on the Czech market. Today, the society EGAS s.r.o. is formed by two individual service centres located in factory building in Pustějov and Studénka.

Major job description of the company are two basic job-creating activities namely work in the sphere of metalproduction and water-heating-gas. We are selling installation and pharmaceutical articles as complementary activity.
Quality of our products and services is certificated in accordance with 

            CLPR in accordance ČSN EN ISO 9001:2001 with exercise CLPR ČSN EN 3834-2.

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postheadericon Machinery

  • MIG / MAG fy FRONIUS type VARIOSYNERGIC 4000, accompanied by semi-work and other welding    sets for welding in protective atmosphere of CO2, flame and coated electrodes.
  • Turning work on a universal center lathe SUI 50. 
  • Milling on milling 5B FA and FA 5U, FA 4
  • Machine work on the horizontal boring H 63A
  • Drilling work on the boring VR 4 and rack drill. 
  • Shearing and bending to a force of 2 mm and width 2000 mm.

All our machines are used for general repairs complemented by a system of digital measuring fy LIMAT Ltd. MAXI version 2 and MAXI 3 for guaranteeing the required manufacturing accuracy.

CAD_1 sipka maxi3 sipka svarek 

Technology allows us to work with production and project documentation in CAD 2D and 3D, as is traditional paper documentation. All data is of course possible to send e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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postheadericon Sphere of metallworking

Firm is focused on on prefabrications, mechanical complexes and engineering constructions as needed by the client. Among others we are concerned with production wagon components, such as lock seat creepers, plateaux for immobile people, pantographic troop, transmissive contrivances and door locks.

Growing production program is the production of a series of components needed for the manufacturing lines of automobile wheel drives and robotized workplaces. Welded parts are welded in a protective atmosphere of CO2, flame and electrode manufacturing and technological equipment allows manipulation and assembling of parts lighter to 3,5 tons.

During the 15-year-old company's activity, we have produced mechanical products used in rolling mills of Argentina and wagon components are in use in the personal wagons of many countries of Central Europe and Finland.


postheadericon Nabídka volných pracovních míst

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nabídka práce

postheadericon Main production activities

Wagon components

Montage and disclaimer

  • Complete production of simple transmission for tilting grids running boards for railway vehicles. The system is composed of the transmission grid sets and boarding.

  • We also perform production lifting mechanisms for different types of passenger wagon vehicles, including ramps, beams and cabinets for storage mechanisms.

  • Mechanisms for opening and closing doors, police wagon, grid and various types of locks.

  • Production of large welded parts with the compilation to the weight of 3.5 tons according to project documentation.

  • Production of supporting elements of robotized workplaces handling and spray lines.Svar_m

  • Machine Flip machines production lines, components for roller tracks of different diameters and lengths.

  • Custom production according to specified documentation.

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